A BD PressureLoc increases convertor lock-up clutch applied pressure on 1994 to 2001 Dodge trucks by 30% at light throttle pressure. The kit can easily be installed on the stock transmission and assists in preventing convertor shuddering and transmission slippage.

Torque convertor clutch slippage results in high heat and eventual transmission failure! The higher the HP, the lower the transmission line pressure is, because line pressure is controlled by the position of the throttle pedal. The diesel has so much torque at light throttle pedal movement and thus low apply pressure at the lock-up clutch when the engine is at its peak torque!

You can notice a shuddering torque convertor under throttle at low speeds, and also under heavy throttle with high power engines.

The kitís function is to increase the transmission line pressure when the lock -up clutch is engaged. The PressureLoc cylinder rotates the transmissionís throttle valve shaft to simulate 3/4-throttle travel to increase the line pressure to 90% of what the valve body design can attain at wide open throttle. The resulting pressure must be measured and set when the kits are installed.

The PressureLoc is primarily designed for stock or mildly enhanced engine applications and owners whom have installed an exhaust brake and want some extra protection.

It is not a replacement for a modified valve body!

High horsepower and heavy-loaded applications should also be equipped with the BD Valve Body with larger porting for pressures up to 180 psi.

The PressureLoc increases the clutch applied pressure to 90% of what the valve body is capable of achieving at full throttle when you are only at ľ to ĺ throttle travel. This kit addresses the need for more clutch holding pressure.

This pressure increase remains within the valve body design. The stock valve body has 4.0 G.P.M flow when the torque convertor is locked up with the PresureLoc engaged. Without the pressure lock engaged, this pressure will be 4.0 G.P.M or less, depending on throttle pressure.